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Stuff please?

Everything on this site is sold out.... can you please re-stock? I would love to try some of these, they sound amazing. Please, somebody, tell me when these products are back. I really wanna try them.

Nice scent

Grapefruit foaming body scrub smells great and the scrub isn't too rough.

I am in love with this! 😍😍😍😍

I am in love! This butter is so mosturizing and the smell is.....DELECTABLE! I am so glad my friend showed me your tiktok. I plan to purchase more!

Dear Everybody! Can anyone help me when the product will be available again? It's been a long time "sold out" ... Thanks for the answers!


Literally the best body butter I’ve tried, goes on smooth with a pleasant scent definitely will purchase again 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Watermelon Lemonade Body Butter
Padmini Muraletharen
Smells so good!

This body butter smells amazing! Just like those watermelon sour gummies! I could not stop smelling it, and the smell stayed on for hours. I'm usually sensitive to really synthetic smelling things, but this smelled really natural and yummy so I would buy it just for that alone. I'm really into toxin-free/cruelty free natural beauty products, and this has really good, clean ingredients which I'm happy with. Was quick to sink into my skin and didn't leave any greasy feeling after, but made my skin look shiny/dewey which is what I was looking for. It does have a pink color, but when I rubbed into my skin and it was fully applied, it went away and did not transfer to or stain my white top. Am happy with my order! The company also had great customer service, when I placed my order, they let me know to reach out to them without hesitation if I had any questions or needed anything.


Got this from a review I saw on YouTube and it's the best purchase ever! I have strawberry legs and am trying to help with razor bumps. This has worked wonders. Ever since using I've seen a crazy difference in my legs. Love love love and will continue to purchase.

Coconut Dream Body Butter
Teresa Camarena

I am OBSSESSED!!!!! I’ve gotten this one the watermelon one the strawberry shortcake and it’s amazing!!!!!!!!! I don’t worry about bad ingredients because these have all the ingredients printed out on the side and they’re all natural!!

Body Scryb

The scrub smelt amazing and it made my skin feel so smooth!

Smells fantastic

Absolutely loved the scrub and body butter. Smelled just like birthday cake and feels amazing!!!!! Absolutely worth it.

Coconut Dream and Peach

LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. Tree hut definitely has some competition with this one. Disregard my last review about not receiving my order, the package had been delivered to my neighbors house and was just returned this afternoon!

My new favorite.

This body butter leaves your skin so soft and spreads on so smooth. Also the smell is absolutely amazing!


This scrub is so good! it smells so good and leaves your skin so soft!

Strawberry Shortcake Body Butter

Great product!

I have switched over to using a safety razor and I have noticed that I am a lot more prone to getting razor bumps, which I hate. I have been searching for a product that would help and I am so glad I found this! I have noticed that the bumps are not as inflamed and are slowly going away. I apply it after every shave and it helps my legs feel much smoother and moisturized as well, which is a plus.

Top Tier ✨

Ordered the Pina Colada body butter and foaming scrub. It literally smells just like pineapples & I’m in love 🤟🏽🍍

Feels so nice

I really love the smell and the texture, usually my skin is really sensitive after shaving and some products irritate it but this butter went on so nice and didn’t feel too oily or thick, super soft and felt great! The only thing I’m iffy on was that it tinted my skin pink and some pink came off onto my clothes so I had to wipe my skin down to get the rest of the pink off, not sure if the color is staining but otherwise a great product

Feels great!

Love the smell, and the texture is really nice and exfoliates really well but doesn’t irritate the skin, wonderful!

Bye bye razor bump serum

I’m giving this product a 4/5 because my bottle didn’t come with the dropper top, it came with a disc top cap but the bottle is glass so i can’t squeeze it. It was hard to get product out or it would be messy and if i took the cap off sometimes too much would come out and lead to another mess or waste of product. Other than that the product itself is amazing i love the smell and it really does help with the appearance of razor bumps

Watermelon Bundle
Karina Huizar
Watermelon bundle

I absolutely loved this bundle everything smells amazing the lip scrub leaves my lips super smooth and the body butter just melts in my skin!

Coconut dream

I love it!!!

Amazing smell


It smells AMAZING and the sent lasts long! It leaves my skin soft and smooth and not to shiny!! Its like frosting for your skin!!!

Love but ...

I love my products but HATE that I had to wait 3 weeks for my stuff and some of my products leaked out but my legs were super soft afterwards.

smells sooo good!!

The scrub is really nice and has a great smell, but it does not foam up that well maybe I need to use a loofa or something that could help; but it’s a great product I recommend it