Bye Bye Razor Bumps Serum

Bye Bye Razor Bumps Serum

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Heal & Restore Razor Bump Serum

-Say goodbye to stubborn razor bumps, razor scars, and razor burns-


-Heals razor bumps & razor burns

-Reduces & removes the appearance of razor bump scars

-Moisturizes and nourishes skin

-Penetrates oil glands in skin to unclog pores as well as fight inflammation

-Each ingredient has its own benefits. We use 0 filler ingredients. Every ingredient has its own relevant, useful, and benefitting purpose.


-Cleanse skin before applying product

-Shake before use

-Use dropper to apply a small amount of the serum to your skin 

-Massage with hands for about 30 seconds

-Use this product daily to remove, prevent, and heal razor bumps. Consistency is key. We also recommend 100% using it after shaving or waxing to see better results.


Ingredients: aloe Vera, olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, turmeric, tea tree oil, salicylic acid


Everyone has their own unique beautiful skin. Our product has been on several skin types and we have observed nothing other than benefits. Keep in mind, everyone's skin is different. Please do a patch test on a small area of your skin (we recommend wrist). Please discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please read all ingredients before purchasing. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
It's a sham!

I ordered this product and more than three weeks later have yet to receive it. I have tried emailing the company various times with no response. I noticed my credit card was charged immediately though upon order. I will be contacting my bank to dispute this charge.

Disappointed with product and overall customer service

The lack of customer service from this company is really upsetting. I’ve emailed them multiple times for different reasons and received no feedback whatsoever. The product I received in the mail I’m pretty sure was terribly expired. I emailed them about this because I wasn’t comfortable using it on my skin as it did not look like a serum at all and the product itself had a foul smell emanating from it. It had a greyish milky color, and consistency. It also looked chunky. The label on the bottle too looked suspicious as it was washed out completely for some reason, to the point where the words were eligible. I didn’t receive any refund or replacement at all since no one from their team reached out to me about the issue. This whole company to me now seems incredibly shady and would advise anyone who is thinking about purchasing a product from this brand should be careful, or don’t buy anything from them really.

Tanikia Ngugi

I can’t provide feedback on the product because I haven’t received it. I been emailing your customer to only get no where.

Niki Ardai

Dear Everybody! Can anyone help me when the product will be available again? It's been a long time "sold out" ... Thanks for the answers!

Amara Thibault

Got this from a review I saw on YouTube and it's the best purchase ever! I have strawberry legs and am trying to help with razor bumps. This has worked wonders. Ever since using I've seen a crazy difference in my legs. Love love love and will continue to purchase.